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About Mastering Guitar and Piano

The blogging world in 2024 is wildly oversaturated.

Naturally, I've taken that information and decided to start posting articles. Let's chat about what these articles will be, who I am, and why I'm taking a long-overdue dive.

What will these articles be?

Information on how to play an instrument, song tutorials, gear reviews, music technology tips, Q&A with you guys, theory notes - you name it (well, as long as you name it from that list). I want to be a communal hub of information for guitar and piano.

If you play guitar, you can expect articles with various lessons and techniques, utilizing videos and graphics to help you learn. TABs, chord sheets and more will be included!

If you play piano, you can expect much of the same! Lesson articles and sheet music abounding (someday).

Why are you doing this?

I've run blogs in the past - and honestly love the format. I find that I can be more natural when I type than when I am in front of a camera, which will hopefully help me connect with you guys more meaningfully and genuinely.

More importantly, after years of creating lesson videos and eBooks, I've learned that not everybody learns the same way. Some learn by watching - and some like reading. Both are great, but I don't currently have much out there to help "readers" out.

Although there are truly thousands of articles on any music subject, I believe everyone has got their own approach and teaching-style to a subject. When looking out at the wealth of information on the web about learning to play guitar or piano, I believe that I still have something to offer (I'm also pretty handy with a Photoshop graphic)!

In short: enjoyment, connection, and helping.

Okay, but, who are you?

A fair question! My name is Jacob Lamb, I'm a full-time musician and online teacher. I live in Massachusetts with my wife and son, and love what I do!

I attended Berklee College of Music (a decade ago!) and began teaching private lessons in 2014.

Private lessons shifted to online lessons, and online lessons shifted to curriculum. Now I've had the honor to work with some pretty great companies (Like PreSonus, Ultimate Guitar and MuseScore), have filmed over 30+ courses for music, and have written a few music books.

My biggest issue...

Okay, we've got the basics down of what Mastering Guitar and Piano will be, but now we come to the huge issue - my succinctness.

I'm the worst at expanding an idea. I'll typically write a couple sentences and then show the rest in a graphic or video (not ideal for a blog). So bear with me while I try to get enough words onto a page to make this whole thing worth it!

My final note...

I'm very excited to start this and meet so many of you! If you're interested and learn by reading (and images), and you also don't mind a lot of parentheses then go ahead and jump on the newsletter! You'll hear about new articles, as well as any courses that come out.

Let's get started!

Jacob Lamb