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The Complete Guitar Chord Masterclass

From First Steps to Professional Chords (my largest course ever!)


93 Video Lessons (3.5 Hours)

with graphics, multiple angles, and 4k video - you have everything you need to learn guitar chords!

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Go beyond video lessons with 2 eBooks, 3 quizzes, and personalized feedback on 3 projects!

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In this course, you'll work through a comprehensive journey through the world of guitar chords, spanning from beginner to advanced levels. Whether you're just starting out or seeking to refine your skills, this course offers a complete roadmap to chord mastery.

Begin your journey with fundamental chords: from basic shapes to more complex forms like barre chords and power chords, you'll gain the confidence and ability to play a diverse range of songs across various genres.

As you progress, the intermediate modules expand your chord vocabulary, introducing extended chords, suspended chords, and inversions. Dive deeper into rhythmic variations, advanced strumming patterns, and techniques like palm muting, enriching your musicality and creativity.

Finally, reach the pinnacle of chord mastery with the advanced course, delving into genre-specific chords, altered chords, and chord substitutions. Gain a comprehensive understanding of chord theory and analysis, empowering you to explore and excel in any musical setting.

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